Sunday, September 2, 2007

The Journey Begins.. For An Internet Marketing Newbie

How did a complete Singapore Internet Marketing Newbie meet up with this renowned Internet Marketing Shifu from Hong Kong?

Is was dated sometime in Aug'07, when I first saw a quarter-size page of advertisement in 'The Straits Times' newspaper (Singapore), with a striking big words "How To Get Massive FREE Traffic To Your Website And Earn Massive Profits!". I wondered who is this Kelvin Hui? After reading the portion on "Who is Kelvin Hui and Why Is He Uniquely Qualified To Teach You About Traffic?", I was impressed and immediately signed up for this FREE Seminar. (See screenshot on the right, click for enlarged view).

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ankur said...

well congrats i am sure you will taste success.

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Anonymous said...

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Brate said...

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