Saturday, August 25, 2007

Internet Marketing Shifu (Internet Marketing Sifu) (i.e. Internet Marketing Coach)

'Shifu' (Or some says 'Sifu'), is a Cantonese way of pronunciation and it means in English as 'Master' (Or 'Coach'). Today we see many Internet Marketing Masters (Internet Marketing Coaches) from English speaking countries like USA, and often, it is very difficult to learn from them hands-on. But today I am very fortunate to be at my own country: - "Singapore", to learn from the most renown Internet Marketing Shifu (Or 'Internet Marketing Sifu), Mr. Kelvin Hui, from Hong Kong, who will be spending his two days of precious time in Singapore, Gallery Hotel, sharing his skill and know-how in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), the most important element of Internet Marketing.

I enjoyed his step-by-step instruction and demonstration in the session, and strongly believe this will be an important milestone in my Internet Marketing Journey!

Thanks Mr. Kelvin!

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